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RESONANCE - the new series is coming soon!

RESONANCE new series by Francois Domain

The new series RESONANCE is the outcome of Domain's residency in Berlin. 

RESONANCE abstracts the visuals of well known album covers, in order to get back to the raw atmosphere of the work and exposes the design work that happens behind the scene and becomes invisible.

The terminology of the series is directly inspired from the Music production industry:

- the Demo.
Each piece part of the RESONANCE series starts with a DEMO, an upscaled work displayed in public. The demo uses mediums and techniques that make it not commercialisable.

- the Master.
Unique piece, usually a painting but not necessarily as long as the process used makes the piece unreproducible.

- the Copies.
Screenprints directly of the Master. Limited Editions. Copies are usually created once the Master has been sold.


RESONANCE #2 (DRT WORK) will be exhibited at the Red Block Gallery in Berlin from the 28th of May.

RESONANCE #6 (PRL LINES) will be exhibited at the Berlin Art Institute from the 18th of June.

Learn more about RESONANCE in the Blog 'The road to Berlin'

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